WES Swim

After a yearlong collaboration with the Attleboro YMCA to provide swim lessons to our grade 2 students, Willett students, families and administration were invited to speak at the YMCA Annual Best Friends Breakfast event. At this event, two students, and their parents, shared their wonderful experiences, of students learning to swim and be water safe. They shared highlights from the lessons and told stories of happiness, humor and learning. This collaborative effort between the school and a local business, showed the power of working together for the greater community’s well being. From first time swimmers, to children learning to dive, canon balls from school administrators and PTO support in providing swim bags, our APS staff, students, parents and YMCA personnel, created a magical opportunity to help our students become better swimmers, all while having fun and learning about the community around them. This pilot was such a HUGE success, that all five of the Attleboro public elementary schools will be receiving swim lessons next year for their incoming second graders. Let’s all celebrate the community wide teamwork!